Our Land

Our Land

Looking for property was a tiresome process (one you can read about here!). However, after a lot of research and consideration (and overcoming the feeling of discouragement that kept creeping in), we finally found some land to build our homestead on. Here, we will go into a little detail about the features of our land.

Land Features

Our property sits right near a large lake and is about 4 acres total. It is set back from the county maintained road. The land is completely enshrouded in trees; the center of which is a meadow. Though we do have a few neighbors, none can really be seen from on the property. The southern side is more densely forested than the rest. There are a plethora of different types of deciduous and coniferous/evergreen trees, as well as several apple and cherry trees. Generally speaking, our property is relatively level, though there are some sloped areas.

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The Driveway


The cabin that currently sits on the property is a small, dry cabin; by dry cabin, we mean that it doesn’t have indoor plumbing. There is an outhouse, which sits on the deck directly next to the cabin. Though the cabin doesn’t have water, it does have power. Paying a utility company was something we wanted to avoid, so our plan is to faze out the public power and implement solar and/or wind power in the near future. The cabin is stick built, sits on a slab foundation and has a small bedroom and a loft. There are many finishing touches that we need to do to make the cabin feel more like home. But it’s a start.

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The outhouse is rather large. It houses a composting toilet that came with the purchase of our property. We will have a post about how we compost waste (humanure) in the near future. To read more about the differences between sewer, septic systems, and composting toilets, click here. We plan to soon add on to the outhouse to create an “outdoor” shower.

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Our property came with a well, pump and pressure tank already installed. These connect to a single spigot located several feet away from the cabin. For now, this is our only source of water. It supplies ample water for gardening, bathing, and, once we have a better filtration system, drinking; the water is technically fine to drink now, but we’d prefer filtering it thoroughly.


The area is inhabited by many woodland critters. Some of the creatures we have observed so far are deer, frogs, rabbits, bats, snakes, hawks and bald eagles (and many other birds). The lake we live by is packed full of fish and other aquatic life; some of which include duck, bass, craw-fish (aka crawdads), and catfish. There is an abundance of wildlife we have yet to see as well, though some we are fine with never seeing in person, some of which include black bear, coyotes, mountain lions and elk.

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Lounging Deer

Proximity to Town

The “town” we live in is unincorporated and unzoned and really isn’t a town at all. However, we are about 5 miles away from a very small town; when we say small, we mean it, too. The town has a school, a post office and a gas station/store and that is about it, really. About 10 miles in the other direction is another town that is somewhat larger, but still tiny for modern standards. For our first piece of homesteading property, we wanted something that was further removed from dense populations, but not so far out that we couldn’t make it to a hospital within 30 minutes. This is exactly what we found in our property.

Internet Access and Cell Service

We were able to install internet/wifi on the property. In fact, that was the first thing we did. The wifi covers most of our property, except for the outskirts and the south woods. In the future we will get a range extender so that it will blanket the entire area. But, for now, it works perfectly. Our cell service is another story. There isn’t a cell tower close enough with our provider. However, friends and family with other cell providers have service, so it’s really just a matter of changing providers; this we will do once our contract is up. For the time being, our phones work normally when connected to the wifi, so it isn’t a huge rush.

That is the gist of our property. If we missed anything or if you have any questions about our property, feel free to comment below or contact us!

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