Apple Time

Apple Time

Now that Fall is upon us, it’s apple time; apple harvesting time, that is!

apples, apple, apple peeler, apple corer, apple slicer, apple time

One reason we wanted to start homesteading was to spend more time together. Recently, we spent an entire Saturday picking apples from our trees and processing them. It was actually harder work than we thought it would be! Well… for Saira anyway.

Moving to this sort of lifestyle is quite an adjustment; you actually have to work for what you want. Well, work in a different sort of way.  It may seem “easier” to drive to the store, buy some apples, applesauce, dried apple slices, etc. But when you purchase everything you want or need, you are trading your time for money and money for those things.  By doing as much for ourselves as we can, we are still trading time, but not just for money. We are spending that time together, making the things we want, together, rather than spending the majority of our time apart, at work. And isn’t your time more valuable than money?

OK – rant over! Back to the topic at hand – Apples!

Apples Galore!

We spent about an hour or two picking apples. There were so much more than either of us realized. And there are still more that neither of us could reach! Or, more accurately, could bother reaching at the time.  We came out with about 30 gallons of apples (we filled a cooler full and two 5-gallon buckets).

After we picked them, we had to process them so they wouldn’t just rot.  We probably had more time, but hey, what else were we doing? It was a beautiful, sunny, fall day and, in the Pacific Northwest, those are a rarity, so we figured we should do it while the nice weather lasted.

We didn’t think we would be able to peel, slice, AND make everything we wanted to do in one sitting, so we decided we would freeze some for future use.  Since Saira is a list maker, she made a list of what we were going to make with these apples, and what part of the apple we’d need for each use.  This made it much easier for us to separate them and helped us to see how much we had.

apples, apple, apple peeler, apple corer, apple slicer, apple time

Once our list was made, we began by peeling, slicing, and coring our apples. This product was such a life and time saver! Derek got it for Saira last Christmas, but this was the first time trying it out. And, man, let us tell you, it was amazing!  With it, we were able to separate the cores and peels from the slices quite easily. We wanted to use the cores and peels for apple cider vinegar and apple juice and the slices for applesauce, apple butter and dehydrating. So we just let the peel and core drop into one (food safe) bucket, while putting the slices in our mouths … er, into another bucket.

apples, apple, apple peeler, apple corer, apple slicer, apple time

Man, was it tiring! But we kept going and we were able to get through all the apples! We did, however, separate a few smaller, bite-sized apples so we could use those for pectin, since you want to use the whole apple for that. Sign up for our mailing list below to be notified when we write the post on making pectin.

When we were done slicing and peeling, we put all the apple slices, cores, and peels into separate baggies to freeze.  By the end we had about 20 gallon-sized baggies filled with apples.  We would have had more, but we decided to dehydrate some and make some applesauce right away.  Be sure to watch out for those future posts as well!

Even though it may have been time-consuming, and surprisingly tiring (for Saira at least), it was extremely rewarding and fun to spend the day together, outside on our simple homestead.  This is what life is about. This is our simple dream.

apples, apple, apple peeler, apple corer, apple slicer, apple time

Be sure to watch out for our future posts on dehydrating apples, making applesauce (with recipes!), apple cider vinegar, apple juice, and pectin. Subscribing to our blog will alert you when those posts become available.

Let us know what you think! Would you spend the day picking and processing apples? What do you make with your apples? What would you like to see us make? Do you have any recipes you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below or by contacting us!

Thanks again for following us on our homesteading journey!

apples, apple, apple peeler, apple corer, apple slicer, apple time

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