About Us

About Us

We are Derek and Saira, and we are super excited that you are reading our blog! So here is a little about us: We were both born and raised in the good ol’ Pacific Northwest. We are vegetarian (if you’d like to know about our vegetarian journey, check here!) and extremely interested in homestead living.

We’ve been married now for over a decade, although we have been dating since we were barely teenagers, and we have known each other our entire lives. We’ve been through a lot together, have had our share of ups and downs, but know we want to – and will always want to – continue our journey together.

Why We are Moving Toward the World of Homesteading and Off-grid Living

We’ve always (at least Derek, anyway) had a love for being self-sufficient; it is hard to say where that love originated. To save money, avoid chemicals, and because we enjoyed doing it, we started making nut milks, shampoos, soaps, deodorant, rocket stoves, and other “homesteading” stuff before we really knew what homesteading meant. To read about what homesteading means to us, click here. As we spent time together at home, making things, we kept thinking – this is the way we wanted to live; we wanted a simpler life.

Even more so in recent years, nature has been calling to us, and we have been less in love with the “city-life” and everything (or most everything) that comes along with it (i.e. commuting, loud neighbors, paying inflated utilities, etc.). So, we recently decided to take the plunge into moving towards a more off-grid, self-sufficient life. We fixed up and sold our house in the city (which you can read about here), and are currently living in an RV. We just recently purchased some acreage and are in the process of making it into our perfect homestead. Check back often to follow us on our homesteading journey. We would love it if you contacted us with questions or comments; do so by clicking here.


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