7 Tips for Keeping Warm in Winter in an RV

7 Tips for Keeping Warm in Winter in an RV

7 Tips for Keeping Warm in Winter in an RV, RV, camper, cold weather camping

The challenges of living in a camper/RV can sometimes seem overwhelming. The lack of space takes some adjusting, but is manageable. Perhaps one of the hardest things to deal with is staying warm in an RV during the winter months. Keeping yourself, and the camper in general, from freezing, can be difficult at times. Even with an RV’s furnace running all the time, it can still get cold; not to mention, running the furnace that frequently, eats through your propane reserves rather quickly. Space heaters work wonderfully as long as you can connect to shore power; running a space heater on alternative forms of energy isn’t really feasible unless you have a huge battery bank. Being prepared for the cold months is key to surviving the sometimes harsh winter.  Here you’ll find our 7 tips for keeping warm in winter in an RV.

Tip # 1: Insulate Windows/Hatches

Ideally, you should re-insulate your entire camper to help fight against the cold. But, if that isn’t an option, then you need to come up with ways to keep the draft out. Windows and doors are where you lose the most heat; be sure to insulate those as best as you can. Plastic wrap insulation can be purchased to cover your windows, which offers quite a bit of insulation. You can also drape/tack up towels or blankets over windows to keep out the draft. Doing both together can help quite a bit; though we would suggest you take the drapes down during the day to allow sunlight to enter. To further help with insulating your RV, you can insulate the hatches, by installing a hatch insulator or by simply plugging the hatch with a small pillow (or, if you’re crafty, you can create your own hatch insulator).

Tip # 2: Skirting

You also lose a lot of heat through the floor of your camper due to the wind. Therefore, it is a good idea to put up some form of skirting around the outside of your camper, which will help immensely with this issue. You can buy prefabricated skirting meant for mobile homes, usually made from aluminum or vinyl. Or you can be somewhat frugal and use hay bales stacked around the outside of your camper, though they may pose a fire hazard, so be sure to do your research before taking this route. You can also build skirting out of wood, plastic, or some other pliable material to help block the wind from penetrating underneath your RV.

Tip # 3: Heaters

Electric space heaters are not going to cut it unless you are able to connect to shore power. However, there are several ventless propane heaters on the market that work wonderfully. There are many different options for this type of heater. You can install a ventless propane heater, which uses minimal electricity and not nearly as much propane as your RV’s furnace. You can also get a portable propane heater that requires no electricity or commitment to install it somewhere in your camper; simply set it out and turn it on. Most of these modern devices have a mechanism that will shut the heater off if it tips or detects too much carbon monoxide in the air. See the links below for our propane heater recommendations!

Tip # 4: Electric Blanket

Another great way to keep warm during the cold months is to use an electric heated blanket. Having an electric blanket on you during the night will keep you quite comfortable. Furthermore, using an electric blanket will make it so you do not have to purchase as much propane for your heaters! See the link below for our heated blanket recommendation.

Tip # 5: Baking

Another way to increase the temperature in your RV is to bake often during the colder months. Note: We are not suggesting you simply run your oven or stove to heat your RV, but, rather, that you cook homemade meals in your oven often to allow the radiant heat to warm your RV. If you have a cold afternoon, begin preparing a meal that will take awhile to cook to allow the oven to heat your camper. Once the meal has finished cooking and the oven has been turned off, you can open the oven door to allow the excess heat to fill the camper.

Tip # 6: Dress Appropriately

This tip may seem obvious, but it is essential to staying warm during these colder months. When you go to sleep at night, dress appropriately and have plenty of blankets to keep you warm. If you usually sleep in light pajamas and a t-shirt, consider wearing a sweater to bed. Investing in a nice, thick comforter is also a wise decision.

Tip # 7: Sunlight

During warm months, it’s best to keep your camper out of direct sunlight, because it can heat it up quickly! However, during the cold months, it is best to have the camper and the windows oriented in such a way as to maximize the amount of sunlight that enters the RV. Pay attention to how the sun travels across the sky in your area. Position your RV to maximize the amount of sunlight that enters; this will dramatically help the warmth in your RV.

Staying warm in an RV is definitely a challenge, but if you follow these tips (especially in combination), then you should stay a lot warmer this winter. Do you have more helpful tips for staying warm in your camper? We’d love to hear from you! Comment below or contact us!




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  1. One day I would love to buy an RV and just travel and see the country. When that time comes, I’ll now know how to keep warm in the RV. These tips were very practical and make a lot of sense. Appreciate you putting this post together. Thanks!

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